Elite classical ballet dancers are generally contracted to a major ballet company. This company often controls the opportunities afforded their to their dancers.

When this is not the case and dancers look for outside opportunities I am the person to whom they turn. I am comfortable looking over agreements and contracts and I often sit between commercial companies (marketing agencies and brands) and dancers.

Whether you are a brand looking for a face to represent you or a dancer looking for help with contracting an opportunity I can help.

I have represented and worked with a variety of world class dancers, for example:

Yonah Acosta, International principal dancer guesting with various companies

Matthew Ball, Royal Ballet principal appearing in Bourne's Swan Lake

Olivia Cowley, Royal Ballet soloist and founder of fashion/ballet website - www.ballet.style

Laurretta Summerscales, International principal dancer guesting with various companies

Chinara Alizade, International principal dancer, Polish Teatr Wielki, Warsaw. 

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